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First things first, a warm welcome to all of you who have landed on this magnificent website. From your visit, we can safely assume that you’re an Android enthusiast or a curious techie who want to try the different shades of Android Operating System. It’s no exaggeration to say that Android OS is the most versatile and user-friendly mobile operating system in the market. Unlike proprietary OSes like iOS and Windows, Android is open to all tweaking and development which sounds too techie for starters.

We, at DroidApe, are striving very hard to cover a multitude of resourceful Android articles and tutorials which will help users to get the most of the Android. Being avid readers ourselves, we are making an attempt to bring you the best articles along with the knowledge resources that will help you understand the terminology of Android tweaking and tinkering. At DroidApe, you will find all the Android tutorials, reviews, downloads, tips and tricks at one place.

Our Knowledge Base articles are worth reading to improve your understanding on Android environment and custom development. Apart from the articles, we also took special care while designing the website, testing it on multiple devices to make it look simple and attractive. We made sure that our website won’t fall heavy on your data plan as it is designed to consume much less data. You can notice our effort from the Gtmetrix and Pingdom benchmark scores from below:

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We aim at bringing you in-detailed articles that focuses on providing you the necessary insights of the task along with the detailed procedure to get things done. Well, the fun doesn’t stop with just tutorials. DroidApe is “The Ultimate Stop for Android Stuff” where you can find all the useful tips & tricks, cool wallpapers & ringtones to download and share. We started as a small team but we’re growing with your support and love. Keep sharing our posts with your buddies and let them enjoy the fun. Remember Sharing is Caring!

DroidApe Family

DroidApe team comprises of recognized authors who strive hard for bringing up quality articles which guide users from A-Z. We’re a group of like-minded people who enjoy trying out new things with Android and also find our happiness in spreading the Android love to the world.

Naveen Robsworth: (Mailto: [email protected])

Naveen is a Tech-enthusiast who dedicate most of his time reading tech-blogs and trying his hand at various technologies. He goes by the name “Robsworth” on all social platforms which depicts “He is worthy to be robbed”. Apart from the geeky life, he loves travelling and wish to visit as many places as he could. He’s the website admin and the one behind the website’s design, speed and post-layouts.

Ziauddin Mohammad: (Mailto: [email protected])

Ziauddin has been a techie all his life. He completed his Bachelors in Electronics and joined as an Avionics tester. However, his un-quenched thirst for learning technologies has put him on the path of blogging. He enjoys writing tech-articles and loves to share amazing tips and tricks with others. In his free time, he loves to go for a walk with his music gear accompanying him.

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