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Ziauddin is an Android enthusiast and a techie by nature. Most of the times, you'll find him reading tech-blogs and solving puzzles. During spare hours, he finds himself involved in writing fiction and digging the Internet to learn new things.

  • silencer211

    I’m trying to make this galaxy core prime sm-g360t1, a superphone by making it all it can be but the 1st step is rooting. The only problem is I’ve tried many roots and this phone is not easy as others. (5.1.1 lollipop)
    I’m finding alot of good knowledgeable people and learning alot but I still haven’t broke core prime open. My objective is to eventually install marshmallow framework into it but like I said I need roots, recoveries, mods, if you can put the right links in my way so I can accomplish this I would really appreciate it. Running into bogus roots in such can be very discouraging. Anyway thanks in advanced, and if you can use a donation after its all said in done I would be more than happy to.

    • ziauddin

      Please PM me in Facebook and i will try to help you to my best.

      • silencer211

        Thanks, sorry I’ve taken so long to get your messege, I’ve had alot on my plate lately but this I’m really intrested in learning and eventually doing. It will help me alot and will greatly appreciated. I don’t really make much use of Facebook but let me try to find you now. . . Just look your name up right? K, if I can’t find you I’ll get back at you here to see what’s up alright, thx.

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