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Adnan is an Android enthusiast. It all started when he was in the 7th grade. Starting off with the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Adnan is now a proud owner of the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2. Flashing ROMs, installing tweaks, and to an extent bricking a device is what Adnan admires. Adnan has a liking for Stock Android.

  • Fernando Peña

    hello, when I use “adb reboot bootloader” my Sprint LG G4 boots normally, I mean, no fastboot menu, also, when I restart with “Power + Volume down” it boots directly to Recovery Mode, what can I do? I want to know my Device ID

    • The method is only for H815 model and won’t work for Sprint. I’ve heard that Sprint G4 having issues to unlock bootloader. Without an unlocked bootloader, you can’t use fastboot commands.

      Subscribe to our blog on social media, we will cover if something shows up. I see there’s a root method which doesn’t require unlocked bootloader. Need to check if it’s safe and working

      • Fernando Peña

        Hi, I have contacted Tam Nguyen ([email protected]) who has unlocked my SPRINT LG G4 with success, its permanent so its safe even to update it to Android 6.0, if theres anyone who is in the same situation, he would be able to help you. Thanks!

        • Hi bro, would you mind sharing the process with us…it might be helpful for many.

          You can share a reference link or PM us from the contact us page

          Once again, thanks for the comment and update buddy… 🙂

          • Fernando Peña

            Im not sure about the whole process because it was trough TeamViewer, but it involved downgrading Android 6.0 to 5.1 and then connecting to a server… Sorry but I don’t know a lot about this :/

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