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  • kaibosh

    I am running Temasek CM13 (6.0.1) on my OPO, installed this and it all went perfectly. One ‘mistake’ in the article, I don’t think too many people are running ARM64 devices. Just hunt back from the link to the Google app and find the equivalent for just ARM. It works very slick, no bugs or glitches. The Google UI that came along with it is also very fresh, the pulldown stuff is nicely done. Installing xposed on Marshmallow is a bit of a easter egg hunt, you need to flash the install zip in recovery as well as the install .apk – they are an easy google search away.

    I hope Google realizes that trying to keep the Assistant exclusive to Pixel phones could do major damage to the Android ecosystem. The Pixel phones are about %40 overpriced, something is very wrong when you could buy an OPO 3 *and* an Axon 7 for the cost of the XL.

    • Thanks Kiabosh for pointing it out, I’ve updated the post. I’ve thought I’ve given the link for all variants but it was for Nougat post. BTW I will make a detailed post for the Xposed installation in future and link it here.

      Yes, Pixel devices are quite expensive and that’s because Google is charging us for advertising and software R&D. IMO, OnePlus 3 is the best smartphone in the market with a pocket friendly price tag.

    • If you have a Nexus device, download the Google camera v4.2 app from Pixel smartphones dump and give it a try.

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  • conrad

    thanks a;ot it works great on CM13 on peregrine

    • Glad to know it worked for you 🙂

      Please visit us more and subscribe to us for more such articles

  • Ihsan Moeslim

    thas great, thanks bro…do you know how to root android nougat ?

  • Islam

    yeah works perfect on Galaxy S3 with CM13. thank you

  • Mikel Landaberea

    I’ve followed all the steps but it keeps showin Now On Tap :(. Btw I have a OPX running cm 13

    • Make sure you have followed step 6&7 correctly. Also, open settings > Apps and check if the Google app is if it’s upgraded. Clear app cache and data and try once again.

      It works perfectly on my OP3 running on CM13. If not working for you, let me know… I will check for another way 🙂

  • jl2222 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Has anyone tried this on OP3 with OOS?

    • I tried it on my OP3 running on OOS as well as CM13. Works flawlessly without an issue.. give it a try

      • jl2222 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Yeah! Got it working earlier today. Works good!

  • Jude Chacko

    Can’t install the google app (I searched for the arm one didn’t work) on lg g3 resurrection remix

    • Hi Jude, try the arm64 or 32 bit version. Btw what error you’re seeing on the device?

      • Jude Chacko

        It just said application not installed

        • Updated the post with Method 2. Use the Assistant Enabler Xposed module, just give it a try and let me know if it works.

          • Jude Chacko

            i dont see method 2 lmao

  • Kaveman

    OK Google detection not working 🙁

    • Can you tell me what’s the issue so that I can help you with it

      • Kaveman

        Every time I say Ok Google, it takes my back to the Set up page. Can’t even toggle detection on.

        • The “OK Google” hot-word detection is not yet working with Assistant on non-pixel devices.. So, it’s an expected thing so far..

  • Shahveiz Zameer

    Tried all the steps and redid them just to be sure. Using Google nodpi on smg900f running Resurrection Remix 5.7.4. Followed all the steps strictly but still only getting now on tap. Also Android N ify gives me this “warning” (screenshot in attachments) but I’ve already reinstalled it, rebooted my phone and changed the Se Linux to permissive and reboot again bit still get same warning. Idk if this has something to do with no Google assistant popping up instead of now on tap. A solution would be much appreciated. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/88a96a5cd5f724d5341a0026dc1cf0c2209d5dba840a45f12313266248022295.png

    • Updated the post with Method 2. Use the Assistant Enabler Xposed module, it would just do the job without any fuss

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