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Staying anonymous while browsing the internet has become more critical as the years go by. There are always new ways that companies and their AI go about tracking your information for their own purposes. Regardless of the platform you use, keeping your data protected is essential. Android devices are as susceptible to tracking as anything else, and their security needs a boost.

There are several privacy-focused Android browsers available for you to download. But only a few help mask your identity and keep tracking at a minimum. And each anonymous (or private) browser is going to have its advantages and disadvantages, but they all serve the same function. Start browsing with a sense of privacy again with an anonymous browser.

Before We Begin: Use a Virtual Private Network

Whether you are using an anonymous browser or not, a virtual private network can boost your anonymity. A VPN encrypts your connection to the network, hiding your browsing from ISPs and other third parties. It also masks your IP address, so webmasters and advertisers cannot track you online either.

There are many great VPN choices available. So, it is a good idea to start with a VPN free trial and see which one works best for you. It gives you some extra protection on top of what the following browsers offer.


All Android browsers on this list are going to offer you secure and private browsing. But each of them, like Ghostery, provides some unique advantages. The biggest perk for using this option is that it has a vast database to log trackers and scripts used on websites. With this information, you can see what is going on behind the scenes and what each site is tracking.

Ghostery also has a similar style to the basic Chrome app, so most users are familiar with its features. It is meant for people who want to have some choice and control over their data and its tracking. You can choose which trackers and scripts to allow and which to block.

Firefox Focus

Here is a name that anyone who owns a connected computer or device is going to notice. Mozilla has been at the top of the browser game for quite some time. So it is only natural they would develop a privacy-focused version. If you choose Firefox Focus, you will be using a name that you can trust. And it does have some great privacy options, particularly when it comes to advertisements.

The company spent a lot of time designing the UI of this app, and it works well for most users. You even have a handy erase button to clear all history and resume browsing quickly. Moreover, you have an option to choose which sites can track your data, which is pertinent to privacy.


In the realm of mobile browsers, Cheetah Mobile is a well-known company with many browsers on the market. ArmorFly is their addition to the anonymous browsing sector, and they do have a polished product. This browser is going to give you a couple of features that the other ones don’t offer.

First, you get to add any files you want to their encrypted cloud-storage. It gives your sensitive data extra security. The browser also has the option to detect any video that is playing on a website and offers you the opportunity to download it. While it may not be a necessity for those wanting secure browsing, it is a nice feature to include.


Rounding out the selection of privacy-focused Android browsers is the ultra-popular InBrowser. You are going to get everything you are looking for in a private browsing experience, plus extras to keep you satisfied. InBrowser never tracks or records any data unless you so choose to allow it. You can find a selection of different tracking options to pick from.

InBrowser has a couple of great features that give it some uniqueness. It has a built-in video player that ensures video playback never goes through a different application. It also supports the Tor network and offers DuckDuckGo as the primary search engine to guarantee even more privacy.

It Has Never Been Easier to Browse Securely

You may not think about it when you are doing your daily rounds on social media or reading the local news, but everything is being tracked. You must take it upon yourself to keep your Android browsing more secure. And you can do it by using one of the excellent private browsers that are available. You should keep your private information safe online, so take the time to browse safely.