There are over 2.1 billion gamers in the world today. The fearless forecast is that by 2021, this number would reach 2.7 billion. No wonder millions of dollars are invested in developing mobile games. There are over hundreds of thousands of game titles to choose from. There are various genres available. One of them is games about animals. You may not have a horse racing tracker game but there plenty of horse racing games you can play. Aside from such, these are the best and most popular animal games on Android. 

Animal Crossing 

Nintendo first released the simulation game Animal Crossing in 2001. After almost 2 decades in the market, the game is as popular as ever, with the latest release of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in October 2017. Katsuya Eguchi is the creator behind this game. The basic premise of the game is that a human being lives in a village where animals with human-like characteristics live. The human carries out chores and stuff in the village. The games are played in real time, following actual time in reality. The game is open-ended which makes fans love it more.  


Crossy Road 

Hipster Whale is the publisher and developer of the addictive arcade game, Crossy Road. The game is reminiscent of Frogger. Creator Matt Hall played with the age-old question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” hence the name of the game. The main character is a chicken, although it can be changed into any of the 217 characters that are available in the game. Obstacles should be overcome in order to cross the road successfully. Each forward step earns the player one coin. Earned coins and in-app purchases allows players to upgrade their characters. 


Hooky Crook 

Rogue Games, Inc., combined Catwoman and Spiderman in one fun game. Hooky Crook swing through various levels to do the perfect heist. Players assume the role of a cat burglar, literally, swinging their way and dodging every obstacle in that level to reach the main prize – a giant jewel. This casual game has 84 unique levels and is free for download but in-app purchases are also offered. This game was developed by BonusXP. 



Released by Turbo Rocket Games in March 2018, WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D allows players to explore the wilderness as an animal and build your family in the process. Players can choose between wolves, foxes, lynxes, etc. as their character. As they travel through various locations and places, players need to survive the wilderness and protect themselves and their family from enemies. It is available in single player and multiplayer modes. As players fight and defeat certain enemies, achievements are unlocked. Characters with higher levels have better stats and skills. This game is for ages 7 and above. 


Talking Tom series 

Outfit7 is the publisher and developer of this virtual pet game. Talking Tom came out in January 2014 for Android and several versions and spin-offs have been released. Players take care of Tom the anthropomorphic cat from being a baby kitten to adulthood. Just like any real life kitten, players need to feed Tom, play with him, let him sleep and rest, including giving him bathroom breaks. Earned coins and in-app purchases allow players to buy clothes, new skins, and accessories for Tom.