During the corona pandemic we have less social contact and have to stay at home more. Many of us fill this extra time with late night online gaming sessions, endless scrolling on Instagram, playing casino games via Slothino, and binging every available show on Netflix while eating a daily dose of unhealthy snacks. Understandable because this pandemic has an impact on our mental and physical health. The best thing to do is to try to do everything with moderation. With the vaccination campaigns on their way in most countries, there is light at the end of the tunnel! In this article we discuss a few activities to keep your body and mind healthy without playing games or watching Netflix all day!

Keep in touch with your family and friends

Even if you are physically locked up, that is no reason to close yourself off socially. In fact, just the opposite is necessary! Friends and family are a fundamental support network and source of encouragement in times like these. There are so many ways you can use to stay in touch with your loved ones. Take advantage of them!

Fresh air and sunshine

Try to get at least half an hour of sunshine every day, or at least daylight. Not only will you get a nice tan, breathing fresh air is a great way to take care of your mental health during the lockdown. Vitamin D is not only important for your emotional health, but also for your physical health. If you don’t have a garden, head to your balcony or sit by an open window. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Create a personal space

Find a space in your home that needs some attention and turn it into a cozy corner for yourself. Tidying up has a positive effect on the mind and so does a beautifully decorated and comfortable space. You can, for example: use your new corner for reading a book or to paint a masterpiece.

Do a little gardening

Whether you have a large garden or a simple windowsill, taking care of your plants every day will help clear your mind. In addition, if you’re particularly adventurous, you can start growing your own food!

Read a book

Get lost in the pages of a new novel. After all, there is no better way to detach yourself from the present and forget your troubles than to go on a literary journey. By reading, you can also reduce negative thoughts during the quarantine and thus take care of your mental health.

Practice meditation

Meditating does not mean emptying your mind. Rather, it means focusing on the here and now. If you don’t know how to do this at first, don’t worry. You can start with guided meditations first. There are plenty of them available on the Internet. Once you get the hang of it, you can set your own rhythm.

In short: There is nothing wrong with long gaming sessions or binging a few shows on Netflix. The most important thing is to do everything with moderation. We hope we gave you a few activities you can mix in with your normal ones to keep your life healthy and balanced!